Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Marvellous Maths

We have been singing and acting out songs and rhymes. 
Some of our favourites are:
Five little speckled frogs

Five little monkeys
Five little ducks

We have been playing games to support our counting and number skills.

Peg Challenge

Obstacle course outdoors

Number hunt

Active time

We are also using the Numicon to develop our counting skills.

Brilliant Bear Hunt!

We hope you have visited our cave and role play area.

Have you seen our letters to the bear? He was very sad when everyone ran way from him. 

We made little story bags too with all sorts of sensory objects to help us to tell the story. 

Well done to friends who tried to create the story using the pictures sent home. Excellent effort!

Parents and carers joined in the fun during...

World Book day, pyjama day and special celebration of Fabulous Families Week.

It was lovely to share our favourite stories together, look at backpacks and share our family tree art work with you during the beginning of  the morning/ afternoon sessions.

Thank you for all your positive feedback and support. It is greatly appreciated.

The children enjoyed being able to take you on a tour of the learning environment. It was great to see SO MANY parents/ carers join in and make learning even more FUN!

Thank you!

Fabulous Fabulous Week!

It was really interesting sharing our Family Backpacks with each other.

Thank you for your support here. The additional photos supplied by many parents/ carers really supported the children on being able to talk about family members.

Have you seen our display including our family tree pictures? It's FANTASTIC!


Busy bees in Nursery

Sunday, 22 January 2017

We Are Readers Week and further reading activities

We have been sharing our favourite books during nursery sessions. We have taken to turns to talk about a special book we like. We have used mark making to draw and write about it.

We invited parents/ carers to come and read with us. We hope you will be able to join us next time!

Some of us have brought our special books from home to share in nursery.

We are becoming more competent when talking about the front cover, page, picture, letter sounds and whole words.

We have been learning about and using vocabulary to talk about:

Type of book e.g. Story, information or poetry

We have enjoyed sharing the story about The Gingerbread Man. We have used props to support re telling skills and have been using the story language in different contexts.

We are looking forward to sharing other Fairy Tales too.

Many of us recognise our own names and are noticing letter sounds in our names and other words. We are trying hard to clap rhythms in words, join in with repeated refrains and listen to stories with increasing attention and recall.

Thank you for your support re choosing and sharing books at home. It is lovely to hear that more children are visiting the local library too.

Friday, 16 December 2016

Christmas Party!

Look at our amazing hats

Book time

Dancing time
Reindeer Pokey dance

Put your hooves in
Put your antlers in...
Pass the parcel
There was a letter inside and it told us to take a peek under the tree...
What did we find under the tree?


Playing games and joining in with songs 
Such fun with our friends!
Party food time! Yum, yum!
We heard some bells ringing...
Wow! Who could it be?

Look who has arrived!

Merry Christmas!

Such a surprise!

I wonder what the present could be...

Thank you Father Christmas!

He gave each of us a present. It was very exciting!

Opening our presents...
Showing our books to Father Christmas
Wonderful books!

Happy Reading friends!


Hope you like your party bag and balloon. Have fun!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

It was such a super party session. Thank you for all the generous contributions too. Much appreciated!😀

Miss B😊